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Replaced small breaker panel with a 20 position 100amp. panel in closet.

Wiring in 220V.,50amp. electric car charger

Preparing to run pipe work for new machines

Wiring new 3-phase lines for One of the machines @ Chicago Enclosures

Replaced old breaker panel with new over existing Sump pump. FUN JOB !

Relocated junction boxes inside half wall in kichen

200 amp. circuit breaker panel installed.

Installed L.E.D. surface lights in utility room.

New 200Amp. 40 position panel installed.

IInstalled pipe work for 200 Amp. service from meter box to new panel.

Relocated meterbox for new room addition.

Crossroads Baptist Church rear entrance and parking lot LED lighting installed

nighttime photo of Berkeley Park LED pole light

Berkeley Park LED Pole light installed

Berkeley Park LED flag light installed

Berkeley Park District meter box cabinet with circuit breaker panel installed

Living Room L.E.D. can lighting and Bladeless Fan .

Installation of L.E.D. Can ights installed in Three Bedrooms , with slide dimmers.

30 position , 100 amp. ciruit_breaker panel installed and labeled.

Remodeled bathroom with new lights and dedicated line for added G.F.C.I. receptacles.

Recent remodeled kitchen with L.E.D. lighting, dedicated circuits for dishwasher and counter G.F.C.I. receptacles.

100 amp. service upgrade with riser through overhang.

Mike wiring 100amp.,3-phase 208volt machine for Becker Bros. Graphite Corp.

pipework ( rough-in) four kitchen remodel job
200 amp service upgrade, showing three new 20 position circuit breaker panels for apartment building
kitchen remodeling with all new electric, including pendant lighting, LED can lighting, and LED low-voltage undercabinet lighting
Broadview Park District tennis courts with new LED flood lighting
100 amp service upgrade with a 30 position circuit breaker panel
100 amp service upgrade with meter disconnect

Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed a wide variety of construction jobs ranging from new residential to kitchen/bathroom remodels and small to large additions. Take a look below to see some of our recently completed projects.



200 amp. service with meter disconnect (shown)

wiring Three 20 position panels for apt. building.

LED lighting Renovated home with LED down lighting by advance electric company
Hot tube electrical 220v., 60amp. insallation.
mechanic shop before and after high-bay lighting.
New lighting for parking lots.
left side photo existing lighting, right side photo with LED tracklighting added.
New store: DELICIOS ICE CREAM & JUICE BAR at 344 N. Wolf Rd. in Hillside
100amp. 20 position circuit-breaker panel
100 amp. service upgrade
200 amp. service upgrade
New meter box with timer for L.E.D. pole light for park.
installing circuits in office at a material supply company
100 service upgrade showing new meter disconnect.
new 20 position circuit breaker panel, with stage light dimmers and switches for the Broadview Park District

remodeled full bathroom

total kitchen remodeling with LED lighting.

2016 award for best electoral contractor.

beautiful remodeled bathroom with special LED lighting.

New 20 position 100 amp. circuit-breker panel.

New remodled 2nd floor bathroom with L.E.D. can lighting.

100 amp. 20 pos. circuit-breaker panel.

Recent remodeled kitchen with L.E.D. can lights and under cabinet lighting.

Remodeled dining room and kitchen with L.E.D. lighting under cabinets and inside .

Joseph wiring in circuit-breakers.

Remodeled powder room with G.F.C.I. protection.

100 amp. service upgrade.

Remodeled bathroom with wall lights and protected.

Hallway fluorescent lights replaced with L.E.D. lights in condo buildings.

30 position 100 amp. circuit-breaker panel.

L.E.D. can lights installed in living room ceiling.

Replacing fans in office with 20 foot ceilings.

We recently completed many service upgrades, a 200amp. 2-gang service in Cicero, a 100 amp. service with a 30 position panel in Elmhurst, and a 100 amp. service with a riser pipe through the overhang of the house in Mount Prospect, not to leave out new garage underground lines, de-converting, a 2-gang meterbox, and elimination of a panel for a property that was zoned for a single family home in the village of Lyons, & of course so many smaller jobs too many to mention.

 \We completed many projects including; a 100 amp service brought up to code with a 20 position panel, rewired all cloth covered wiring throughout the home with separate circuits wired to various areas of the home, also replaced the homeowners roof ventilator and a through the wall exhaust fan in the kitchen.        In Villa Park, we replaced a 100 amp service bringing it up to code with a 20 position circuit breaker panel, replacement of kitchen counter outlets, and bathroom outlet with GFCI receptacles. Installed new GFCI receptacles outside front and back of home. Replaced all BX cables with pipe, and GFCI receptacle in garage. At the world Dryer Corporation located in Berkeley we installed a new 400 amp metal halide light for their front parking lot, and a 400 watt high-pressure sodium wall pack light for their rear parking lot.

Recently we have installed upgraded electrical services 60 amps. to 100 amps. at many locations,and 100 amps. to 200 amps..with new circuit-breaker panels.

Remodeled two basements with all new outlets, lights, recessed can lights,smoke and co detectors. We are currently rehabbing a 1890 built home, removing all bx cable and original knob and tube wiring and replacing it with pipe.A 200 amp., 40 position circuit-breaker panel with all required grounds has been completed.

We just completed a second floor bathroom remodeling job with new LED can lighting, GFCI receptacles and Jacuzzi line.

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